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Complications of botulinum toxin A use in facial rejuvenation

Vartanian AJ, Dayan SH.
Lasky Clinic, 201 S. Lasky Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, USA.


The esthetic application of botulinum toxin type A is a safe treatment modality; nevertheless, complications can occur as a result of patient- and physician-related factors. Fortunately, adverse effects and undesirable sequelae after Botox injections are temporary. Complications may be more serious in patients who have more severe rhytids (which require more Botox), have undergone previous facial plastic surgery (altered anatomy), and those who have preexisting neuromuscular disease. The physician can reduce complications by using proper injection techniques, appropriate regional Botox dosing, and by being conservative in the overall approach to Botox-mediated facial rejuvenation.